Board Of Governors
Board Of Governors : Minutes :
October 1, 2001

Monday, October 1, 2001
(Originally scheduled for 
Camden Club Warehouse
Meeting – 4:00 p.m.

The Maryland State Bar Association Board of Governors and Officers met at the above location at the time and date indicated with 33 members of the Board of Governors present including all of the officers. Guests attending the meeting included the Honorable Ann S. Harrington and Linda H. Lamone, Esquire, past and present chairs of the Committee on Gender Equality, and Past MSBA President Herb Belgrad. In addition, Paul Carlin, Executive Director, and key members of his staff were in attendance. President Pam White called the meeting to order at approximately 4:20 p.m., asking for a moment of silence and reflection on the tragic events of September 11, 2001.


A. Approval of Minutes

The Board approved Board of Governors’ Minutes for June 13 and June 16 and the annual business meeting of June 16, 2001.


A. Report of President:

1. President Pam White requested attention to all attachments to the Board’s agenda, advised of the general nature of her communications with the Executive Committee, Section and Committee Chairs, and the conduct of MSBA business since June 16, and drew particular attention to the following. She presented the BOG with the list of appointments to the various Sections, Standing Committees and Special Committees together with the names of the Chairs and the Board of Governors’ Liaison. President White reported this list is also contained in the Policy Handbook which was recently forwarded to all members of the BOG.

2. Report of Summertime Events:

a. New Admittee Luncheon: President White reported that attendance has dropped over the last few years, thus the recent luncheon on June 20 was the last and future luncheons will now be combined with the professionalism course for all new admittees and will continue with the same sponsorship.

b. MSBA Section and Committee Chair Orientation: President White advised that the June 26th orientation proceeded as scheduled and was very successful and well attended.

c. PBRC’s Legal Services Tribute to Dinner to Chief Judge Bell: President White reported the attendance was excellent and the tribute to Judge Bell went quite well.

d. Annual MSBA Crab Feast: President White reported this was another successful crab feast with over 400 in attendance.

e. ABA Annual Meeting: President White reported the National Conference of Bar Presidents took place during the ABA Annual Meeting at which time past MSBA President Robert Gonzales took office as President of the NCBP.

f. Annual MSBA Softball Tournament: President White reported that the usual winning team from Prince George’s County faltered and this year Charles County defeated Wicomico/Worchester County teams and they became the winning county team.

g. Judicial Investitures: President White recounted she has attended a number of judicial investitures throughout the state since taking office and anticipates continued attendance in the future. President White solicited members of the BOG to let her know of such investitures in order that the MSBA will be represented.

3.Correspondence and Clippings:

a. Information concerning multidisciplinary practice and multijurisdictional practice. These recommendations are continuing with study by several ABA Committees.

b. The Gazette article of July 27, 2001 regarding the investiture of John W. Debelius, III.

c. President White discussed the letter of July 10, 2001 directed to the Honorable Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. of the House of Representatives concerning federal judicial appointments and the use of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Judicial Appointments Committee to assist in that process. A copy of the committee purpose and structure was also submitted to the BOG for information purposes.

d. President White’s letter to the Honorable Ellen M. Heller of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City and the request for promotion of the MSBA Code of Civility at suitable occasions. A copy of the Code of Civility was made part of the agenda material including the response from Judge Heller dated July 16, 2001.

e. President White also commented on her letter to the Baltimore Sun regarding judicial civility with reference to the MSBA Code of Civility and its language.

f. President White commented on the upcoming MSBA Mid Year Meeting in Las Vegas scheduled for Sunday, February 17 through Thursday, February 21, 2002 at the Flamingo Hilton Las Vegas Hotel. Also, President White mentioned that Kathy Howard is assembling the CLE and is asking for BOG members to offer their assistance and suggestions.

g. President White reminded everyone of the upcoming Bar Presidents Conference to be held at Turf Valley in Howard County with a dinner on Thursday night and various activities on Friday, October 26th and on Saturday, October 27th.

h. President White reminded BOG members of a letter of July 13, 2001 to members of the MSBA Delivery of Legal Services Section and the need for an increase of pro bono case assignments.

i. President White reminded everyone of the recent change in the MSBA Bylaws which will allow membership for non-lawyers to include paralegals, legal administrators and law students.

j. President White referred to the Baltimore Business Journal article dated August 31, 2001 concerning these changes.

k. President White also noted the recent decision by Chief Judge Martha F. Rasin to step down as chief judge of the District Court of Maryland. In that regard she submitted a resolution offered by Board Member Nancy Davis-Loomis to honor Judge Rasin which was read and approved by the BOG by acclamation. In addition, she called attention to the handout announcing and detailing the elevation of Judge James Vaughan of Howard County to replace Judge Rasin as chief judge.

    l. President White shared with sadness the passing away of Judge James Chapin of Montgomery County, a former president of the MSBA for the years 1982-83. Details of arrangements are found in the email of 10-1-01 sent to all BOG members by Paul Carlin.

4. Report on BOG Vacancy in the 9th District: President White reported that a BOG vacancy existed in the 9th District upon the election of Secretary Neil Helfrich. In that regard the name of Angela M. Eaves was presented and upon motion duly seconded, the BOG approved the nomination of the Honorable Angela M. Eaves to fill a one year slot vacated.

5. Vacancy on Judicial Compensation Commission: President White reported that she had received confirmation that J. Michael Conroy, Jr. had been reappointed by the Governor to a second 6 year term to the Judicial Compensation Commission.

6. Court of Appeals Hearing on Pro Bono Rules: President White reminded Board members of the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure and that the Court of Appeals public hearing was held on September 10, 2001 to address those recommendations. President White, former President Jim Thompson and Executive Director Paul Carlin addressed the proposed rules pertaining to pro bono activities of bar members. A second conference of the Court is scheduled for October 9, 2001.

7. Dispute between Citizens Law-Related Education Programs for the Schools of Maryland and the Baltimore City Schools: President White referred to the documentation supplied in the package of agenda material for your review.

B. Report of the Executive Director:

1. Paul Carlin reported that the MSBA membership count prepared to be submitted to the BOG meeting for September 11, 2001 stood at 19,440. He also reported 133 resignations and 143 deletions. New admittees counted at 306 with 120 reinstatements. A report was submitted to the Board with the appropriate membership numbers.

2. Action on Honorary Membership: Paul Carlin reported that 6 members had applied for honorary membership. With age and Association membership being verified, and upon motion duly seconded, the BOG approved honorary membership for Robert A. Amos, George W. Baker, J. Harry Cross, James Willard Davis, Herman B. Miller, and Robert M. Sutton.

3. Under the Executive Director’s Report he also reported on the MSBA Online Directory and communications with the Clients’ Security Trust Fund. He suggested the BOG review his letter of July 27, 2001 written to Ms. Janet Moss regarding the Online Directory. They are still undergoing negotiations and he believes that the process is going well and should be complete by January or February.

4. He announced that the staff had a 3 hour mini retreat at which time the staff accomplished a great deal including developing an electronic Internet newsletter for the staff.

5. The Executive Director also reported on the delegation of Ministry of Justice for the Peoples Republic of China and suggested the review of the printed material supplied in the Minutes, this is attachment #12.

6. The Executive Director reported that the Bar Headquarters had been extensively repainted and re-carpeted.

C. Report of Secretary:

1. On behalf of secretary Cornelius D. Helfrich, Paul Carlin reported that the report of the Executive Committee meeting of September 4, 2001 is substantially contained in the previous Minutes and the agenda material connected with this meeting.

2. Action on report of BOG entitlement certificate for 2002 BOG representation. Paul Carlin submitted the BOG representation report with an attempt to explain how the calculation was made parceling the various changes in representation. A copy of the chart was presented to the BOG as attachment #13 (Page 97-98). Upon full explanation and motion duly seconded the BOG adopted the representation chart.

D. Report of Treasurer:

1. Harry Johnson submitted the summary income statement and budget pointing to total dues income as a record pace for dues income received in 2001-2002. The amount shown as not having been spent and surplus were also noted for 2000-2001.

2. Action was required for the budget amendments which were presented by the Treasurer to the BOG. They included a request for approval of expenditures for the cost of the NCBP reception hosted by past president Robert Gonzales in the amount of $3,000.00. In addition, a request was made for the cost of printing the gender equality report in the amount of $3,280.00. Upon motion duly seconded the BOG approved the budget amendments for additional expenditures of $6,280.00

E. Report of the President Elect:

1. Approval of location for 2003 mid year meeting by BOG: President- Elect Jim Nolan reported that he had consulted with the Program Committee and MSBA staff, has selected and is presenting for BOG approval the MSBA mid year meeting location as PLAYA del CARMEN located approximately 45 minutes from the airport in Cancun. A brochure was passed around for Board members to review. The trip would include a charter flight to Cancun with a 45 minute bus ride to the location at a price which is considered all inclusive at $1,430.00, tentatively. Upon motion duly seconded the board approved of the meeting location as presented.

2. Report on MICPEL matters: President-Elect Nolan advised that President White had requested that he be more involved with the MICPEL Board for MSBA, he report on MICPEL’s recent retreat. They have revised the mission statement and reviewed organizational sponsorship for MICPEL. He noted that new committees were being formed as a result of a strategic planning retreat which would include a committee on program and curriculum and a committee on publications. President White and President-Elect Nolan have consulted about MSBA appointments to these two Committees. He noted that MICPEL had moved to the Bar Center which has resulted in considerable monetary savings.

3. President-Elect Nolan described current discussion of the Executive Committee to identify a suitable MSBA memorial in response to the tragedies of September 11.

III. Reports of Standing Committees:

A. Consideration of Retrospective 2001 Report by Gender Equality Committee on Open Justice: Report from Judge Anne Harrington and Linda Lamone.

Prior to the BOG meeting President White submitted a copy of the Retrospective Report issued by the Select Committee on Gender Equality. At the meeting Judge Harrington and Ms. Lamone advised the BOG of the process and the ongoing study with particular emphasis on gender and race issues. No action was required, however, President White made it clear that members of the BOG have been given an opportunity to select a section of the report for study, review and further comment. The Report will be addressed in detail at a joint meeting of the Board with participants at the Bar Presidents conference on October 26. She requested that all members make their selection known to her or sections will be assigned. In addition to President White congratulating and thanking Judge Harrington and Ms. Lamone the BOG showed its appreciation to the members of the committee with a round of applause.

IV. Reports on Special Committees: None

V. Reports of Sections:

A. Young Lawyers Section Report: Brian Zimel reported on behalf of the YLS. He reported on recent current activities including the establishment of a 1-800 number for disaster relief. He also announced the NovemberFest 2001 to be held on Saturday, November 3, 2001 at the American Visionary Art Museum on Key Highway. The menu and other activities were discussed and are included in the agenda material.

VI. Unfinished Business and General Orders:

A. Professionalism Course Extension: Included in the agenda material is a September 14, 2001 letter from Judge Kathleen O’Ferrall Friedman to Chief Judge Robert M. Bell regarding the professional course for new admittees and the new admittee luncheon co-sponsored by the YLS and the insurance trust. This item was previously discussed by President White.

VII. New Business: None

VIII. Special Order of Business: None

IX. Adjournment

With there being no further business to come before the Board of Governors the meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


William R. Levasseur, Acting Secretary

in the Absence of Cornelius Helfrich, Secretary


Board Of Governors : Minutes : October 1, 2001