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The Journal keeps members abreast of legal trends, informed about updates and changes in the law and educated with respect to substantive areas of the law. 

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This monthly newspaper features timely news on legal trends and issues, legislative and judicial updates, and MSBA positions on key legal issues.

MSBA Bar Brief
Bar Brief

This monthly email newspaper delivers News, Events directly to your email inbox.
Each month the Bar Brief offers a new Section tip, Opinion Poll and training opportunities.


2011 MSBA Lawyers' Manual 2013 Lawyers' Manual

The most comprehensive lawyer and judge directory in Maryland which also includes a complete directory of government agencies.

MSBA By-Laws

Gender Equality Report  
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Publication Available For Interested History Buffs
A special pictorial history of the Maryland State Bar Association is available in a special hardcover book, A Century of Striving for Justice

Legal Information Brochures
The Maryland State Bar Association offers a series of twenty-four easy-to-read guides designed to inform the public about common legal problems. These brochures are free to the public. The public may order up to 100 copies of a brochure.

Maryland State Bar Association Code of Civility
In May 1997, the Maryland State Bar Association’s Board of Governors approved the following aspirational Code of Civility for all lawyers and judges in Maryland. MSBA encourages all Maryland lawyers and judges
to honor and voluntarily adhere to the standards set forth in these codes.
Civility is the cornerstone of the legal profession.