Bar Bulletin

July, 2004



RE: Subject
By Pat Yevics

Whenever you send e-mail messages to Bar Headquarters (or anywhere else, for that matter), please make certain to put a detailed description of the message in the subject line. These days, many people are getting a lot of unwanted messages, with subject lines bearing descriptions like “Important Question,” “Inquiry” and “Need Information.” If you do not want to run the risk of having your message unintentionally deleted, please be more specific. Also, never send a message that leaves the subject line blank; most people will simply delete those messages.

I receive 500 – 700 messages everyday because I am on all 100 + Email Lists and receive all messages for I am certain that I have deleted legitimate messages because 1) there was no message in the subject line, or 2) the message in the subject line was “suspicious.”

If you send me (or any staff member) a message and do not receive a reply of some kind within a few days, please send another e-mail with a more specific subject line, or contact us to make sure that it was received.

The goal of all staff is to respond to members. If you do not get a response to an e-mail, it is possible that it was unintentionally deleted or not received. 



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