Bar Bulletin

June, 2004

By Janice Jones-Branch

MSBA Membership Committee Member John Park (left) meets and greets law students during final exams at the University of Maryland School of Law. The Membership Committee sponsored refreshments for students taking final exams at both the University of Maryland and University of Baltimore Schools of Law during the week of May 5.

During the week of May 5, 2004, the MSBA Membership Committee sponsored coffee and pastries for law students taking final exams at the University of Baltimore School of Law and co-sponsored the same activity at the University of Maryland School of Law.

The Membership Committee is examining opportunities to expand MSBA student membership by sponsoring pilot programs and activities on law school campuses.

Membership Committee Co-Chairs Roger Perkins and the Honorable Angela Eaves, District Court Judge of Harford County, are committed to promoting the ideals of the Maryland State Bar Association. “The committee understands the value of associate members, and it is important that we do what we can, hopefully, to decrease their stress levels during exam time, as well as encourage their meaningful involvement in the bar association,” says Eaves.

Adds Perkins: “We hope to branch out with similar activities next year that will include the George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC.”

“We want law students to be aware of the MSBA because new members are the lifeblood of any organization,” notes William Roessler, Chair of the External Recruitment Subcommittee. “We want to publicize the availability of our associate membership program, and also the advantages of participating in the MSBA’s Young Lawyers Section. If students or new lawyers join the MSBA and realize its value early in their careers, they can contribute and benefit throughout their professional lives.”

MSBA Student Liaison Areille Harry-Bess assisted the Membership Committee with arranging the co-sponsorship of refreshments for final exams at the University of Maryland’s Law School. Membership Committee Member John J.S. Park was on-hand to meet law students and answer career questions. “Many positive benefits are derived by providing coffee to law students during final exams, including developing and building rapport with the law schools,” says Park. “With this well-received gesture of service by the MSBA we hope that it conveys the willingness of MSBA mentors to also meet with students over a cup of coffee during the school year.”

MSBA Associate Members (with the exception of law students) must be sponsored by an MSBA attorney member. Encourage a student, paralegal, legal assistant or law office administrator to join the MSBA. Call the MSBA Membership Department today at (410) 685-7878 to request an Associate Member application.



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