Bar Bulletin

September, 2004

By Janice Jones-Branch

MSBA On Hand for New Law Student Orientation

In the interest of enhancing its working relationship with law students, the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) participated in the University of Maryland School of Law’s 2004 New Student Orientation Program on August 18, 2004.

The Honorable Angela Eaves, MSBA Membership Committee Co-Chair, talked with new students about the benefits of MSBA Associate Membership and field-of-practice options in the law profession.

“It was wonderful to participate in the reception and Student Organizational portion of the New Students’ Orientation at the University of Maryland School of Law,” said Eaves. “The students expressed a great deal of interest in the professional development opportunities Associate Bar Membership has to offer as well as how full bar membership will ultimately enhance their careers once they become licensed attorneys.”

University of Maryland School of Law Dean Karen H. Rothenberg and the Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chief Judge, Court of Appeals of Maryland, both spoke to incoming students about the challenges of the law during the orientation.

“I want to thank Dean Rothenberg for giving us the opportunity to make the students aware that the MSBA can be a partner in their careers in the legal profession,” said Bill Rossler, Chair of the MSBA Membership Committee’s Participation Sub-Committee. “We are pleased that Chief Judge Bell was able to assist us with our goal of presenting the MSBA to the law students as a positive force.”

“The School of Law was delighted to have Chief Judge Bell address our entering class and include the MSBA as first-time participants at our Student Organization Fair for entering students,” said Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Tricia D. O’Neill, whose office coordinates the new law student orientation. “The MSBA is the standard bearer for our profession and its involvement dovetails nicely with our Orientation message about professionalism and personal responsibility. We look forward to additional coordinated efforts throughout the upcoming year.”

Backed by the efforts and support of the Membership Committee and President Neil Helfrich, the MSBA offers services and support that cover many areas of the students’ professional lives, including lawyer mentoring, networking, personal development, community involvement and continued legal education.

Complete Online Survey Coming Soon!

MSBA will be asking for your thoughts and priorities on a variety of issues, including membership benefits, technology, quality of life and professional satisfaction. Will your opinion count? Absolutely! Tell us what you think and we will carefully evaluate your input, using it to guide future action. We plan to respond to your professional membership needs as we strive to improve and update service and delivery of the important products and information that you require.

For your convenience, survey questions will be accessible online. Make certain your voice is heard!

Member E-Mail Forwarding Service Coming Soon!

Changing ISPs but hate the thought of changing e-mail addresses? Thinking about changing jobs but don’t want to lose touch with your contacts? Graduating soon? Is your email address too “casual” for business use? To address these concerns, MSBA will soon begin providing addresses as free service to our members.

An e-mail address will let you change e-mail addresses without missing a message by giving you a permanent alias, regardless of your destination e-mail. As nothing is saved or stored on MSBA equipment, an address means you won’t have to worry about security or unauthorized access to your messages.

Keep watching for the official launch of the MSBA e-mail forwarding service so that you can secure!



Publications : Bar Bulletin: September, 2004

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