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Publications : Bar Bulletin : November 2006


Carlin Inducted into McKeesport Hall of Fame

On October 14, MSBA Executive Director Paul V. Carlin returned to his hometown of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, to be inducted into the McKeesport High School Hall of Fame. Carlin, who was honored in 2005 for 20 years of exemplary service as MSBA’s Executive Director, was recognized for dedicating his life to the law, furthering the goals and the reach of the legal profession and making legal services more widely available to all segments of the population. A member of the class of 1963, Carlin, along with six other distinguished alumni, was saluted by McKeesport High School Alumni and Friends Association during its 19th Alumni Recognition Night.

hometown and
roots are special
to them, so it is a
great honor and a
special feeling to
be selected and
inducted into
Hall of Fame.

Paul V. Carlin
MSBA Executive Director

“Everyone’s hometown and roots are special to them,” states Carlin, “so it is a great honor and a special feeling to be selected and inducted into McKeesport’s Hall of Fame.” A graduate of the Dickinson School of Law of Pennsylvania State University in 1970, Carlin has devoted 31 years to bar associations, public service and the advancement of the legal profession. He began his bar association career as the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Director of Legal Services in 1975, where he founded the Senior LAW Center, now the largest provider of legal services to the elderly in Philadelphia, and co-founded the 59th Street Legal Clinic.

From left to right: MSBA Executive Director Paul V. Carlin, his wife Hildegarde and their daughter, Kristana attend Carlin's induction into the McKeesport (PA) Hight School Hall of Fame on October 14, 2006

Carlin also served as the District of Columbia Bar’s Director of Public Service Activities and the Executive Director of both the Bar Association of Baltimore City and the Connecticut Bar Association before joining MSBA as its Executive Director on March 1, 1985. MSBA consisted of 10,000 members, with a support staff of 18, when Carlin arrived, and today boasts of 22,200 members and 27 staff members, offering a plethora of member services, benefits and programs. Under Carlin’s outstanding executive leadership, MSBA has made great strides and attained many distinguished hallmarks in the last 21 years.

A past president of the National Association of Bar Executives (NABE), Carlin was honored with NABE’s esteemed Bolton Award for Professional Excellence, the top national award given to a bar executive, in 1996. This award is given to an executive “who demonstrates outstanding professional leadership and effective management skills and displays humanitarianism, character, congeniality and service to the community.” He was recently honored with the Maryland Bar Foundation’s Award for Legal Excellence in the Advancement of Professional Competence.

On McKeesport’s Alumni Recognition Night, Carlin, accompanied by his family, was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Carlin has a very special place in his heart for his hometown, his fond memories of McKeesport and his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.

“After three preceding generations of my family had worked in the same steel mill in McKeesport – US Steel’s National Tube Works – I was fortunate to be encouraged to attend college and law school and to become a lawyer,” said Carlin in his acceptance speech.

“After three years in Europe, I returned with the intention to become active with public interest law somehow,” he continued. “I was fortunate to match up with the Philadelphia Bar Association’s strong interest in access to the legal system and the delivery of legal services to the poor and middle class. I was able to continue that interest with the DC Bar’s Office of Public Service Activities, the MSBA and the Pro Bono Resource Center.”

“My involvement with these access issues over the years has provided a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment of the intention I started with over 30 years ago,” Carlin adds. MSBA congratulates its Executive Director on this special honor.