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Have you considered accepting electronic payments but don’t know where to begin? Have any of your clients asked if they can pay by credit card only to hear the reply, “No”? For MSBA members, there is a solution: Law Firm Merchant Account (LFMA). This MSBA member benefit allows business-owners access to accepting all forms of electronic payments with customized business accounts that require no contract or application fee to begin.

using them and it has been fantastic"

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With an initial consultation, members can customize services based on their business needs. According to LFMA, “your personal account manager provides white-glove service, keeps an eye on your monthly usage and consults with you if adjustments are necessary to give your business the best fit and most economical solution.” Setting up services is fast and easy! Upon completing an application, you can begin accepting charges in person, over the phone or by internet in just two to four days of application submission.

Members across the state are setting up merchant accounts through Law Firm Merchant Account. Even those who already accept credit cards can take advantage of this service in just a matter of minutes. LFMA has the ability to reprogram most terminals in about 15 minutes with instant access to accepting charges. According to MSBA member Larry J. Feldman, of Pikesville, the services - which utilize the Internet to process transactions - are easy to set up. “I have started using them,” he says, “and it has been fantastic.”

Feldman isn’t the only member benefiting form the services Law Firm Merchant Account provides. “I have been using this MSBA program…and we have [thus far] been problem-free,” says MSBA member Elizabeth Stup, of the Law Office of Elizabeth Stup, in Frederick.

LFMA prides itself on customer satisfaction - “our goal is to deliver one-of-a-kind, knock-your-socks-off service with a smile.” Speaking at the 2009 Solo and Small Firm Conference, LFMA’s Janelle Benefield discussed Credit Card Basics, including how to make informed decisions when opening and operating a merchant account, ABA requirements, PCI Compliances and chargeback prevention. This videotaped session will be available in the coming weeks.

Still have questions about this MSBA-endorsed vendor? Visit to view frequently-asked questions, or contact Tracey Gavin at or (866) 376-0950.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: December 2009

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