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Publications : Bar Bulletin : September 2009


With ABA Retirement Funds, the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) joins 29 other state bar associations in offering members a low-cost 401(k) provider specifically geared toward the legal community. ABA Retirement Funds minimize participant expenses through such means as leveraging the buying power of the ABA and eliminating brokers, thereby eliminating the added cost of commissions.

Although MSBA has avoided offering particular financial plans in the past, this plan, according to MSBA Executive Director Paul V. Carlin, offers unique advantages over other such plans.

“The Membership Committee studied the ABA Retirement Fund’s proposal and recommended this Fund to our Board of Governors, which agreed to offer this plan to our MSBA members,” says Carlin.

“In a nutshell, our study of this plan indicates that the ABA Retirement Fund’s service is better, their cost is less and the returns are higher,” he adds. “That provides us confidence in offering this program to our MSBA members.”

“This program,” he continues, “offers to simplify the fiduciary oversight and administration duties of your law firm’s retirement plan by offering plan-design consulting, institutionally managed and priced funds, participant record-keeping and tax reporting, among other services.”

To speak with an ABA Retirement Funds Consultant, call (877) 947-2272, or visit

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CoreVault Secure Online Backup & Recovery provides MSBA members with valuable offsite storage and protection for vital data such as billing records, legal briefs and classified documents. Its geographically separated data-storage centers will ensure the restoration of data lost to computer virus, system crash, accidental deletion, natural disaster or other catastrophic event.

“The eight states that so far have endorsed CoreVault for their members are states particularly in harm’s way, due to hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes,” says Paul V. Carlin, MSBA Executive Director. “They have learned a lesson from these natural disasters. Maryland suffers far less from these natural causes, but disaster comes in all forms, including computer viruses, flooding – even biological and nuclear dangers.”

For more information on CoreVault or any of MSBA’s other valuable membership benefits, visit, or call (410) 685-7878.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: September 2009

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