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Bar Councel for the Attorney Grievence Commission of Maryland

On July 1, 2010, Glenn M. Grossman will become the new Bar Counsel for the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland, when Melvin Hirshman retires after 29 years of dedicated service to this lawyer disciplinary agency. Grossman has worked at the Attorney Grievance Commission (AGC) with Hirshman for 28 years and, for the last 13, has served as Deputy Bar Counsel. The incoming Bar Counsel has been active in MSBA for many years and is known for his outstanding ethics and legal professionalism.

As Bar Counsel, Grossman will work with the AGC's 12 members to ensure the state's 34,500 lawyers comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct. He will lead the office that is responsible for investigating complaints against attorneys practicing in Maryland and, where appropriate, prosecuting cases of professional misconduct on behalf of the Commission. The 26-member staff of investigators, lawyers, paralegals and administrative support processes each year approximately 2,000 complaints against attorneys.

"I am honored to become Bar Counsel and have this kind of responsibility," exclaims Grossman. "It is a tremendous honor to be serving the public in this position. The vitality of the ideal of the Rule of Law is subject to the public's confidence in the integrity of the Bar," he adds, "so the AGC's role in ensuring that integrity is vital."

"The overwhelming majority of lawyers in Maryland are committed to their ethical and professional responsibilities," Grossman continues, "and I am proud to be one of them. I think the public has the right to trust the lawyers they consult, and in the vast majority of cases that trust is well placed." But, he adds "there are times when that trust is misplaced," so the AGC will continue its "pursuit of disciplinary actions whenever the needs arises."

forward to working with him in his new position and very much appreciates his demonstrated willingness to help educate the lawyers of Maryland about their professional responsibilities."


"The Attorney Grievance Commission and the Court of Appeals should be applauded for having selected the best candidate to succeed Mel Hirshman as Bar Counsel," asserts incoming MSBA President Thomas D. Murphy. "Glenn Grossman has long exhibited his dedication and sensitivity to the role of Bar Counsel as Mr. Hirshman's deputy. MSBA looks forward to working with him in his new position and very much appreciates his demonstrated willingness to help educate the lawyers of Maryland about their professional responsibilities."

Grossman has been very involved in, and supportive of, MSBA over the years and often serves as a faculty member for MSBA's Professionalism Course. "I will continue to pursue the kinds of educational programs that the AGC has supported in the past, in conjunction with MSBA and local bars, and I hope that we can develop more opportunities for interaction," Grossman stresses, "especially in the area of attorney mentoring."

As Bar Counsel, Grossman is "committed to ideals of professionalism" and plans to expand the Commission's public education and outreach efforts across Maryland's legal community to alert lawyers of "the need to adhere to their professional and ethical responsibilities. Our primary responsibility will remain educational programs for lawyers."

Internally, he reports that the AGC will "try to introduce more sophisticated technology in its office, which may lead to greater efficiencies, speed up investigations and possibly save on costs."


A graduate of the Johns Hopkins University, Grossman earned his law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law in 1975. He launched his legal career as a private practitioner before joining the Baltimore City Solictor's Office as an assistant city solicitor in 1977. Four years later, Grossman moved to the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland and became an assistant bar counsel. In 1996, he was appointed Deputy Bar Counsel.  The new Bar Counsel has been active in MSBA for years. Grossman has served as Chair of the Correctional Reform Section and the Legal Education and Admission to the Bar Section and is a member of several committees, including the Committee on Professionalism. He is a fellow of the Maryland Bar Foundation and a member of the Anne Arundel County Bar Association, the Bar Association of Baltimore City and the National Organization of Bar Counsel. He has also served as president of the Baltimore Courthouse and Law Museum Foundation and treasurer of the Mitchell Courthouse Centennial Committee.

Created in 1975, the AGC oversees discipline for Maryland lawyers, reviewing their conduct, determining the need for alternatives to discipline and targeting the unauthorized practice of law. This voluntary Commission encompasses nine lawyers and three members of the public appointed by the Court of Appeals. These Commissioners, with the blessing of the Court of Appeals of Maryland, appoint the lawyer who serves as Bar Counsel.

"Maryland has an excellent Bar," concludes Grossman. "They are responsible and honor their professional and ethical responsibilities. I think most lawyers want to do what is right ethically and want to serve their clients appropriately, with skill and professionalism. But, I think that there are times when lawyers need some help, and I think MSBA is there to give that help to lawyers when the need arises." Bar Counsel encourages members of the Bar to call on MSBA when they need support and assistance.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: June 2010

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