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The Maryland Bar Journal has won a national award – the top honor for state bar association magazines for large bar associations in the country. The Journal’s Editor, Janet Stidman Eveleth, was honored with the “Luminary Award” on October 8, during the National Association of Bar Executives’ Communications Workshop in Portland, Maine. The Journal is the Maryland State Bar Association’s (MSBA) bi-monthly, showcase magazine.

The award is presented by the National Association of Bar Executives’ Communications Section for “Excellence, Creativity and Professionalism in Bar Communications.” Winning publications “exemplify excellence in writing, editing and design in meeting the needs of the publication’s targeted legal audience.”

“This is a big honor for MSBA, our magazine and the team that produces each issue,” declares Eveleth.

The Editor attributes this acclamation to MSBA’s hard-working Editorial Advisory Board, led by Elizabeth M. Kameen, and its leadership in overseeing the production of the Maryland Bar Journal. “This dedicated group of volunteer attorneys works closely with me,” states Eveleth, “to ensure each issue of the Journal meets the high standards the MSBA has set for its magazine.”

Eveleth especially thanks MSBA’s Sections and Committees, “whose support for our substantive theme issues is the key to our success” and the “many talented volunteer attorneys who write the excellent articles that appear in each issue.” Kameen echoes her remarks, thanking every volunteer attorney writer whose work, in part, garnered this MSBA award. “Thanks to each volunteer writer and our Editor, we produce a thoughtfully and beautifully crafted Bar Journal six times a year,” states Kameen.

This is the Maryland Bar Journal’s fourth Luminary Award. The Journal won the 2010 competition for large bar associations with memberships of 15,000 or more, competing with 40+ other bar association magazines. The winning entries were the November/December 2009 “Health Care Trends and the Law” issue; the January/February 2010 “The Economy’s Impact on Lawyers” issue; and the May/June 2010 “Intellectual Property Advances” issue.

In 2002 and 1998, the Maryland Bar Journal also captured the top state bar association magazine award for large bar associations, plus the Journal was honored in 2000 in the Special Publications category for its January/February 2000 “Special Millennium” issue.

Eveleth has served as the Editor of the Maryland Bar Journal since she joined MSBA as the Director of Communications in 1987. She has written an article in every issue of the Journal since January 1988. She is proud to bring this honor to the MSBA. Kameen has been the head of this “team” for all of its awards. MSBA is proud of the team that produces each issue of the Journal.

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Publications : Bar Bulletin: November 2010

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