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Maryland Bar Journal Topic Issue Archive
(1990 – 2013)

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Month Topic
2013 January/February Consumer Bankruptcy

March/April Health Law

May/June Taxation

July/August Real Property

September/October LGBT Law

November/December Labor & Employment Law

Month Topic
2012 January/February Children and the Law

March/April Mediation

May/June Solo Practice

July/August Business Law

September/October Intellectual Property

November/December Social Media and the Law

Month Topic
2011 January/February Threats to the Environment

March/April Legal Ethics Today

May/June Advances in Administrative Law

July/August Diversity

September/October Immigration Law

November/December Correctional Reform

Month Topic
2010 January/February The Economy’s Impact on Lawyers
March/April Animal Law
May/June Intellectual Property Law
July/August International Law
September/October Energy Law
November/December Technology in the Courtroom
2009 January/February Baby Boomers
March/April Education
May/June Family Law
July/August Employment
September/October Estate and Trust
November/December Health Law
2008 January/February Intellectual Property
March/April Elder Law
May/June Environmental Law
July/August Criminal Law
September/October Immigration Law
November/December Constitutional Issues
2007 January/February The Issue of Malpractice
March/April Sports and Entertainment
May/June Bankruptcy
July/August Solo
September/October Animal Law
November/December Veteran's Rights
2006 January/February Administrative Law Perspective
March/April The Laws Impact on Health Care
May/June Children and the Law
July/August Immigration Law
September/October Real Property Issues
November/December Taxing Issues
2005 January/February Intellectual Property
March/April Preserving Our Environment
May/June Shattered Families
July/August Protecting Our Senior Citizens
September/October Resolving Disputes
November/December Legal Issues in Today's Workplace
2004 January/February New Day Dawning In Corporate Law
March/April Immigration Law After 9/11
May/June Sports and Entertainment Law
July/August The Art of Litigating
September/October Going Solo
November/December Criminal Law
2003 January/February Legal Issues Surrounding Health Care
March/April Estate Planning
May/June Children Growing Up In A Violent World
July/August Resolving Disputes
September/October Preserving Civility In The Legal Profession
November/December Advances in Intellectual Property
2002 January/February Privacy In The Workplace
March/April Protecting Consumer Rights
May/June Family Law: Picking Up The Pieces
July/August Protecting Our Environment
September/October Sliding Into Bankruptcy
November/December America At War - The Legal Issues
2001 January/February Privacy & the Constitution
March/April The Art of Litigating
May/June Special Solo Issue
July/August Lawyers Serving the Community
September/October The Issue of Real Property
November/December Practicing Law in Cyberspace
2000 January/February Time Capsule: Law in the 20th Century
March/April What About the Children?
May/June The World of Work
July/August Electronic Law Practice
September/October Election Law
November/December Technology
1999 January/February Law Practice Enters Cyberspace
March/April Access to Justice
May/June Civil Rights in the Next Century
July/August Managing Today’s Courts
September/October Law Practice in the New Millennium
November/December Law and Medicine in the 21st Century
1998 January/February The Changing Landscape
March/April Caring for the Elderly
May/June Intellectual Property
July/August Preparing for Retirement
September/October Ethics: Reflections on the Practice of Law
November/December Government Law
1997 January/February Corporate Law
March/April The Issue of Taxation
May/June Immigration Law
July/August Diverse Legal Career Paths
September/October Justice
November/December Juvenile Justice
1996 January/February Shaping the Constitution: Maryland’s Role
March/April The Issue of Disability
May/June Building a Successful Law Practice
July/August Special Centennial Issue
September/October Law Practice Enters the Digital Age
November/December Ethics and Personal Injury Cases
1995 January/February Health Care Reform
March/April Family Disputes
May/June Protecting Individual Rights
July/August Empowering the African-American Legal Community
September/October Litigation Today
November/December Criminal Law Reform
1994 January/February Law and the Land
March/April Protecting Today’s Consumer
May/June Rights of Children
July/August Juggling Law Practice Dynamics
September/October Bouncing Back from Bankruptcy
November/December Court Management
1993 January/February Today’s Small Practitioner
March/April Today’s Work Force
May/June Growing Old Today
July/August Health Dilemma
September/October Time Out to Mediate
November/December Today’s District Court
1992 January/February What’s Hot this Session
March/April Doors Open to Alternative Careers
May/June The Steps of Administrative Law
July/August Gender Equality in Law
September/October Gateways Open to International Trade
November/December Holding on to the Family
1991 January/February Ethics - Practicing in a Changing World
March/April Health Care Today
May/June Protecting our Environment
July/August Legislative Issues
September/October Bracing for Bankruptcy
November/December The Impact of Crime
1990 January/February Real Estate Transactions
March/April Substance Abuse
May/June Law and Government
July/August Family Law
September/October The Art of Litigation
November/December Court Management
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