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septoct99.JPG (16545 bytes)November/December 1999
Volume XXXII Number 6
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Telemedicine And Healthcare E-Commerce Legal Issues by W Andrew H. Gantt, III

When A Health Plan Say No
by The Honorable J. Joseph Curran, jr. and Kevin Simpson

RX Privacy: Whose Right To Know?
by Mimi Azrael 

Managed Care In The Cross Hairs:
Regulating A Moving Target
by James F. Dorherty, Jr.

Maryland Leads Nation In Patient Bill Of Rights
by Susan D. Baker

Expanding Liability For Managed Care Entities
by John L. Wood

Ethical Considerations When Advising Healthcare Clients by Lucinda J. Bach

Attorney/Client Privilege In Healthcare Fraud
by Robert W. Biddle

Healthcare Services: An Accidental Franchise?
by Mark A. Kirsch

If The Public Knows More About The Justice System -
Will It Have More Confidence In It?

             by Janet Stidman Eveleth


Practice Tips
Effective Legal Writing

Attorney Grievance Commission
Clarification for Frequent Complaints

Ethics Docket
Unauthorized Practice of Law

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