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Advances in Intellectual Property (v36n6) Nov/Dec 2003
Volume XXXVI Number 6

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Advances in Intellectual Property

Risk Management Strategies:
Remedies In Intellectual Property Cases

by Michael Oliver

Protecting Client Inventions: Recent Patent Law Changes
by Larry J Guffey

A New Breed of Copyright Issues
by Ned T. Himmelrich

What's Yours Is Mine - Protection and Security In A Digital World
by Michael Yang and Francis J. Gorman

Today's Business/Technology Case Management Program
by The Honorable Steven I. Platt

The Trademark Times Are Changing
by Dana O. Lynch

Jervis Finney - Champion Of Legal Ethics
    by Janet Stidman Eveleth

The First Conspiracy Trial?
    by George E. Burns, Jr.


Practice tips
Proactive Steps to Prevent Your Client's Copyrights and Trademarks

Attorney Grievance Commission
Tips From Bar Counsel

Ethics Docket
Inclusion of Attorney's Name in Internet Domain Name

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Publications :MD Bar Journal

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