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Sports and Entertainment Law (v37n3) May/June 2004
Volume XXXVII Number 3

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Sports and Entertainment Law

Sports And Entertainment Legend Advances Legal Field
by Janet Stidman Eveleth

Entertainment Law:
Realm Of The Dealmaking Practitioner

by Cheryl L. Slay

Jock Tax - Occupation Discrimination?
by Jennifer K. Davidson

Avoiding Trademark Genericide
by J. Andrew McKinney, Jr.

Long And Winding Road: Music Royalties
by E. Scott Johnson

Show Me The Money: Regulating Sports Agents
by Kurt Heinrich and Sean Dixon

Amusement Tax Not So Amusing To Restaurant Industry
by Laurence Levitan and Jamie Eisenberg

Access To Justice In Maryland - A Visionary's Model
by Robert B. Kershaw


Practice Tips
GPS Invasion Of Worker Privacy
Mandatory Certiorari In Maryland Court Of Appeals

Attorney Grievance Commission
Looking Elsewhere

Ethics Docket
Dual Practice Of Law And Investment Advice

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Publications :MD Bar Journal

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