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The Art of Litigating (v37n4) July/August 2004
Volume XXXVII Number 4

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The Art of Litigating

Low-Tech Solutions To High-Tech Wizardry:
Computer-Generated Evidence

by Judge Paul W. Grimm and Claudia Diamond

The Next Big Thing For Litigators
by Andrew M. Dansicker

In Pursuit OF A Kinder And Gentler Litigation Process
by Thomas E. Lynch, III

Use And Abuse Of Discovery
by Robert L. Ferguson, Jr.

Jury Trial - How Many Jurors?
by Albert D. Brault

Referred Pain - Is The Tort System
To Blame For Medical Malpractice Claims?

by Stephan J. Nolan

Mediation In Maryland Medical Negligence Cases
by Robert R. Michael

Litigator Or Trial Lawyer?
by Alvin I. Frederick

Preserving Our Judicial Independence
by Janet Stidman Eveleth


Practice Tips
Who's ON First? Maryland's Dual Tack for Insurance Disputes

Attorney Grievance Commission
Interesting Inquiries

Ethics Docket
Public Records from a Governmental Entity

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Publications :MD Bar Journal

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