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MD Bar Journal
Criminal Law (v37n6) Nov/Dec 2004
Volume XXXVII Number 6

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Criminal Law

Maryland's New Pubic Defender:
Champion of the Underdog

by Janet Stidman Eveleth

Admissibility of mtDNA in Maryland
by Shannon E. Avery

Maryland's DNA Databank
by Stephen B. Mercer and William G. McLain

The End of Finality
by David P. Kennedy

Knock-Knock: Who's There?
by Kathryn Grill Graeff

Reemergence of Crime Victims as Participants in the Criminal Justice System
by Russell P. Butler

Coram Nobis - Corum Vobis
by Mary Ann Rapp Ince


Practice Tips
The Delclarant May Not Testify Unfettered

Attorney Grievance Commission
Food for Thought

Ethics Docket
Representation of Co-defendants in Criminal Matters and Disclosure of Information

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Publications :MD Bar Journal

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