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Laws Protecting Animals
Volume XLIII Number 2

March/April 2010

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Due to a software glitch, some of the italicized copy in some of the articles in the print version of this issue of the Maryland Bar Journal was omitted.  Therefore, all of the articles in this issue are posted below.  We apologize to our writers and our readers for the error.

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Laws Protecting Animals


Lawyer-Legislator Seeks Better Laws to Protect Animals
By Janet Stidman Eveleth


Attention Lawyers: Sit, Stay, Plan
By Barbara Graham and Diana Gary

  What is the Scope of the Duty to Provide Veterinary Care?
By Susan J. Hankin
  U.S. v. Stevens: The Heart of Protecting Animals
By Alan S. Nemeth
  Are Your Neighbors Attacking and Abusing Your Pets?
By Glenn H. Meyer
  Attack On Birds
By Lindsay C. Cooper
  Compassion for Animals: A Religious Tradition
By Christine Gutleben
Changes in State Judicial Processes For Foster Care Children
By Priya Sharma
Law and Literature: Truth in Fiction and Law
By James M. Kramon


Practice Tips  
Enforceability of Venue and Forum-Selection Clauses
By Ira C. Wolpert
Unsolicited Requests by Third Parties for Advice Concerning Animal Rights Law 53
Spanning the States 54

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