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           The Law Office Management Assistance Department presents the information on these pages as a service to our members and other Internet users to help attorneys improve their practice.  The material provided does not establish, report or create the standard of care for attorneys. The material is not a complete analysis of the topic and each attorney should conduct his or her own appropriate legal research.

            We make no guarantees of the accuracy, completeness and currency of the information.  It is the responsibility of each practitioner to make sure the information used meets all Maryland Rules.  Some information is from jurisdictions other than Maryland may reference the law of other jurisdictions. Lawyers using these materials must conform their practices to the law of the appropriate jurisdiction.

            While we cannot vouch for the accuracy of information posted on the Internet or provided elsewhere, we have located some web sites or resources that may be of interest to you. Any information provided is not an endorsement or recommendation of a specified resource, person, product or service. While we believe the information is current and accurate, we make no assurance to its validity or suitability for your purpose



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