Ethics Hotline

Listed below are three members of the Maryland State Bar Association's Ethics Committee. They will take calls this month from members who have questions on ethical issues.

The Ethics Committee is not associated with the Attorney's Grievance Commission. It does not give legal advice. It answers questions related to the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct.

All members of the Hotline are practicing attorneys or judges. Please contact them and let them know that you have a question for the Ethics Hotline. They will make every effort to return your call as soon as possible if they are not immediately available.

Please note that you should first consult the Rules of Professional Conduct before contacting the Hotline. In some cases, the Ethics Committee may recommend that you request an opinion in writing.

In addition, the Maryland State Bar Association's Ethics Opinions are available on line to all members.

September 2014  

Gerard P. Martin
Glenn Klakring
Timothy Francis Maloney
Erek Barron

(410) 547-8764
(410) 820-6100
(301) 220-2200
(301) 804-3613

Ethics Committee Guidelines