Electronic Bar Briefs

Q: What is the Electronic Bar Brief Service?

A: This service provides messages regarding court opinions and judgements from the court systems to your email inbox, managed by The Daily Record.

Q: How much does EBB cost?

A: If you are a member of the MSBA, absolutely nothing! The Maryland State Bar Association, in conjunction with The Daily Record, is providing you this service as a member benefit. For additional member benefits, please see the MSBA's home page at www.msba.org.

Q: How do I sign up?

A:Visit the subscribe link, enter your name, email, and password, and choose the lists you would like to receive. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link that you must confirm before your subscription will be activated. If you have any problems, please contact ebbchanges@msba.org or call 410-685-7878 and speak with membership. You may need to activate your msba.org profile first.

Q: What topics are covered?

A:There are multiple categories available: Administrative Law, Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Estates & Trusts, Family Law, General Business, Intellectual Property, MSBA Technology, Real Property and Tax Law.

Q: When will I receive messages?

A: Within one week, and at least once a week, you will receive a message from The Daily Record. If you do not receive any messages, you will need to contact our support line at 410-685-7878 or email us at EBBCOMMENTS@MSBA.ORG. Please give us your name, day-time phone number and your email address.

Q: How often will The Daily Record send information?

A: The Daily Record will send information regarding each topic as the information becomes available. Depending on the speed of your Internet Service Provider, you should expect to receive the information within 24 hours from the time the message is sent.

Q: How do I unsubscribe?

A:Visit the unsubscribe link, enter your email and check the topics you no longer wish to receive opinions from. If you have any difficulty, please contact us at 410-685-7878 or ebbchanges@msba.org.

Q: How do I change my e-mail address?

A:Please contact us at ebbchanges@msba.org and request a change of address for your Electronic Bar Briefs.

Contact us with any questions or comments concerning EBB