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Committee Retreat Report pdf image
The following report describes the topics discussed at the 2011 retreat, along with a background summary of each discussion, and the list of concrete recommendations proposed by each breakout group.

2012/2013 ANNUAL REPORT:

This Committee focused on the Final Report of the MSBA Planning Committee Retreat held in March 2011 and worked towards expanding and executing the recommendations made as part of the report. It has chosen to specifically analyze and provide recommendations on the following issues: Attorney 101: Helping New Attorneys with their Careers; and Law Practice 2020: The Changing Face of the Practice of Law. The Committee’s Attorney 101 subcommittee focused on developing a regional seminar to assist younger or less-experienced attorneys with the difficulties related to the practice of law, while its Law Practice 2020 subcommittee focused on the use of technology by members and the use of technology within the MSBA; additionally, a third subcommittee focused on whether Maryland lawyers should be able to become certified or specialized in specific areas of the law. It will provide recommendations for each of these issues in a final report to the MSBA Board of Governors prior to the end of the current bar year.