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Congratulations to this year's Bell Award Winner: Martin A. Kranitz


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The ADR Section was surveyed for the 2013 Annual Program on ADR Styles. Here are the results by City and Alphabetical by Practitioner.

Alphabetical by Practitioner | City

Revised Standards of Conduct, Final Draft

Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence – Mediation Descriptions

Proposed Rule Changes (Below in PDF format)

Bickerman Article - Adapting Mediation to What Users WantExternal Link

Maryland Act Mediation AgreementExternal Link

Senate Bill 856 External Link| (Word Version) of Senate Bill 856External Link

Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and ProcedureExternal Link

Maryland Mediation Confidentiality Act External Link

Court of Appeals Order adopting Standards of Conduct for Mediators, Arbitrators and Other ADR PractitionersExternal Link

Maryland Standards of Conduct For Mediators,
Arbitrators and Other ADR Practitioners
External Link

MPME Standards of Conduct External Link


ADReport - Summer 2014
(PDF Document | File Size: 501 Kb)

ADReport - Spring 2014
(PDF Document | File Size: 627 Kb)

ADReport - Winter 2014
(PDF Document | File Size: 316 Kb)

ADReport - Fall 2013
(PDF Document | File Size: 143 Kb)

- Spring 2013

(PDF Document | File Size: 476 Kb)

Judge Bell Awardee
2013 Chief Judge Bell Awardee, Rachel Wohl with (left to right), Jonathan Rosenthal, Chief Judge Robert M. Bell, David Simison (ADR Section Chair). Click the image to view a high-res version.


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MSBA Annual Meeting

Video Replay From the MSBA Annual Meeting

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A Guide to ADR Choices
When to go to full mediation, when a settlement conference is enough, and what other ADR options are appropriatePrepared by Charles F. Forer, Esq.; Judge Richard B. Klein; and Bennett G. Picker, Esq.Produced jointly by the ADR Committees of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Philadelphia Bar Association

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2012/2013 ANNUAL REPORT:

This Section remained active in the update to Title 17 of the Maryland Rules of Civil Procedure governing ADR, providing testimony to the Court of Appeals before adoption of the Rule changes, many of which incorporated language and provisions promoted by the Section. It collaborated with other ADR Practitioner Organizations (CMM and MCDR) to offer three statewide Mediator Forums. The Section also: offered programs for its membership on the changes to Title 17 as well as the adoption of the Maryland Mediator Confidentiality Act by the Maryland General Assembly; continued its conversations with MACRO, CMM, MCDR and ACR-MD regarding mediation areas of overlap; expanded its social media presence on Facebook and created a Twitter feed; sponsored a Spring Traning entitled “Lessons from Poe: Detecting the Inner Mediator”; and bestowed its Annual Chief Judge Robert M. Bell Award. It will present three programs - one on Collaborative Law, one on ADR Choices for Litigators (in conjunction with the Litigation Section), and one in conjunction with the Animal Law Section - at the MSBA Annual Meeting.


This section encourages the Courts and lawyers to incorporate ADR in their systems and practices.  It is actively engaged in the work of the ADR Commission.  The section monitors state and national legislation and proposals on uniform confidentiality rules and unauthorized practice of law.


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