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Criteria for Participation on Animal Law Section Council

1. Membership in the Animal Law Committee/Section
2. Willingness to attend meetings of the Animal Law Section, usually on a quarterly basis. Attempts are made to hold the meetings in various locations. Past meetings have been held at the MSBA HQ in Baltimore and at locations in Montgomery County.
3. Willingness to participate in email discussions of section matters.
4. Section Council members will have the option to hold an officer position or chair a subcommittee, though neither are required.
5. Willingness to assist with ideas for programming with MICPEL and/or Annual Meeting

In order to be nominated, an individual must supply a statement of interest. Geographic location is considered in order to promote statewide representation and interest
In order to promote new leadership in the Section, preference is given to Section Members who are not currently serving one of the five expiring terms on the Section Council.

If you interested in participating in the Council, please contact the Council Chair.




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