Business Law Section

Business Law Section Launches Blog Covering Judicial Developments in Maryland Business Law.

The Business Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association has launched a blog focused exclusively on judicial developments in Maryland business law.  The intent is to publish timely notice, a summary, and a link to important judicial opinions relevant to business law in the State.  The blog will cover both trial and appellate courts, including opinions that may not otherwise be published. 

The goal is to make the law more accessible, to create a new reference on the subject of Maryland business law, to increase public appreciation of the rule of law, and to foster faith in Maryland as an optimal home for commercial enterprise. 

Please visit the blog to review its offering, and please consider signing up to receive the RSS feed.  This will push alerts to your inbox or aggregator as soon as they are published.  By doing so, you will receive contemporaneous notice of and links to important opinions as they are issued. 

Please also consider submitting relevant judicial opinions, from courts at any level, that may not be published.  With the help of the bar, we can create a more robust body of case law concerning issues relevant to businesses and business lawyers in the State.

Visit the Blog at: