Consumer Bankruptcy Section

Section Council Appointment Procedure

The Consumer Bankruptcy Section solicits members through various ways, including posting flyers at hearing locations, announcements in the MSBA Bar Bulletin, word of mouth, and directly through the US Bankruptcy Courts.

In order for someone to serve on our council, they must first be part of the consumer bankruptcy section. Periodically we send out announcements through our general Email List, requesting section members with an interest in serving on the council to submit a letter of intent to the nominating committee. The nominating committee, appointed by the Chair of the Section, reviews applicants and makes recommendations to the section council. The criteria used is: Geographic, racial and gender diversity, as well as professional diversity to provide for members who are primarily consumer debtor's counsel, consumer creditor's counsel, and both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 trustees representation.

The Section council continually looks for council members through our committees as well. Once a member is on the council, he/she can apply to be an officer. Again, the nominating committee reviews all who are interested in either the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer positions and makes its recommendations to the section council for vote. There is no presumption that someone must start as Secretary in order to work their way up the leadership chain. Anyone who is a member of the Section is able to apply, provided they are first selected to serve on the council.


When you become a member of the Consumer Bankruptcy Section, you will not only contribute to the promotion of the quality of legal representation for consumers, but also benefit from resources that will be developed to assist the consumer bankruptcy practitioner, including:

  • The Consumer Bankruptcy Section Email List: (An internet based forum to share experiences, exchange ideas, and to discuss issues)
  • Updates on current legal developments, bankruptcy reform legislation, case law and local rule changes
  • Forms databank
  • CLE programming on areas of interest for the consumer bankruptcy practitioner

The section will monitor issues that affect bankruptcy laws and practices in Maryland, and develop presentations that address various issues of consumer bankruptcy practice, such as:

  • Lien Avoidance in Consumer Bankruptcy cases
  • Ethical Issues in Consumer Bankruptcy cases
  • Electronic Filing in the Court
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution of Adversary Proceedings
  • Bankruptcy and the Personal Injury Attorney
  • Bankruptcy and the Family Practitioner
  • Implication of court decisions on consumer bankruptcy practice
  • Issues unique to the various chapters of bankruptcy