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Juvenile Justice System reform issues raised in Baltimore Sun feature article.



Juvenile Justice System Reform

This year the Section Council is focusing on reform of the juvenile justice system in Maryland. Some of the issues we will be discussing were raised in a recent Baltimore Sun feature piece on conditions for youth in the Baltimore City Jail. Anyone with interest in attending or participating as we work on these issues is encouraged to contact our Chair, Booth Ripke at 410-783-0272.

2012/2013 ANNUAL REPORT:

This Section studied and supported reforms in the juvenile justice system. It co-sponsored a Bar presentation on concerns and conditions for the detention of children pre-trial who are being charged as adults. The Section advocated for passage of legislation that would remove certain children charged as adults from the adult pretrial detention system. It also supported legislation to prohibit or restrict the shackling of pregnant prisoners and detainees in Maryland.


The purposes of this Section is to stimulate interest of the members of the Maryland Bar in the administration of the correctional system, to seek improvements and reforms wherever needed in correctional facilities and services, and to coordinate activities in the field of correctional reform with other organizations and associations working in the field.


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