Correctional Reform Section

Council member Bios

Walter Lomax became a member of the MSBA Correctional Reform Council in August 2009. Currently he serves as the Director of Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative (MRJI), an organization that advocates for sensible criminal justice policies in Marylandís prisons, specifically individuals serving long term incarceration and parole eligible life sentences.† In June 2009, he became a member of the Correctional Round Table, a group of former Secretaries of Public Safety, Commissioners of Correction, Chairpersons of the Maryland Parole Commission, and other top DOC officials. The group meets with the current Secretary of Public Safety and top DOC officials to exchange ideas and suggestions on how to improve conditions in Maryland prisons.† Additionally, in June 2008, Mr. Lomax began serving on the Greater Baltimore Criminal Justice Advocates coalition. The organization consists of grassroots groups working with individuals returning to society and those still incarcerated.