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Selected Documents to Facilitate Addressing the Aging Prison Population

Tab I. National Survey Reports

Trends Alert – Corrections Health Care Costs: Critical Information for State Decision Makers.
The Council of State Governments.  July 26, 2005/34pp.

Tab II. State Reports

An Examination of Elder Inmates Services: An Aging Crisis
Florida House of Representatives (December, 1999)/62pp.

Medical Costs of the State Prison System
Iowa Legislative Services Agency October 26, 2004/4pp.

The Aging Maryland Prison Population, Issues in Maryland Sentencing
State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy May 2001/17pp./References /3pp.

Aging Inmate Population Study, North Carolina Department of Correction - Division of Prisons.
May 2006/26pp.Questionnaire/3pp./Appendix lp.

Aging Inmate Population Study, North Carolina Department of Correction - Division of Prisons.
2007 Addendum Report/lOpp.

The Aging Inmate Population/Southern States Outlook Jeremy L. Williams/Southern
Legislative Conference December 2006/35pp.

Tab III. Correctional Health Care Reform Statements

Testimony on Prison Reform and Older Prisoners before the House Judiciary Committee;
Professor Jonathan Turley/Professor,George Washington University Law School. December 6, 2007/llpp.

Report to the House of Delegates, American Bar Association/ Criminal Justice Section August 2007/8pp.

Tab IV. Medical Parole Statutes/Case Law


Medical Parole: Survey Of Selected States Vera Institute Of Justice
Legislative Services Agency October 26, 2004/5pp.

Maryland HB 883, provides medical parole for incapacitated inmates as a result of medical or mental health, pose no danger to public safety. Article-Correctional Services ,Section 7-309/4pp. Governor to approve certain medical parole releases, (April 24,2008). MPC Memorandum/July21.2009/Re: Medical Parole Procedures/Medical Paroles, 2004-2010

New York, Medical Parole Directive #4304.Implements Executive Law, Section 259-r Release on Medical Parole Directive, ll/20/2009/3pp. State of New York Department Of Correctional Services

North Carolina setting requirements for inmates medical release via procedures developed by the
Division of Corrections and Post Release and Parole Commission. Enacted,June 10, 2008/4pp.

Rhode Island Title 13, Chapter 13-18.1./3pp.
Parole Board authorized to grant release of a prisoner, except a prisoner serving life without parole, determined
to be terminally ill or permanently physically incapacitated as defined in the statute.

Wyoming SF 0088 authorizing parole for inmates with serious medical needs pursuant to existing specific conditions, (effective July 1, 2008/6pp.)

Case Law

Estelle V. Gamble Opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court 429 U. S.97,103/5pp. 1976

Lugo V. Senkowski, 114 F. Supp. 2nd 111 (N.D.N.Y.)
Ruling on Liability for Prison and Post-Release Care. September 2S, 2000/2 pp.

TabV. Medical Parole Procedures/Directives/News Clippings

Maryland Parole Commission/Medical Parole Process /Paroles,2004-2010

New Hampshire Department of Corrections - Medical Parole Procedures.
Directive Statement #6.13 March 1, 2008/2pp./Checklist Forms/lOpp.

State of New York Department of Correctional Services. Medical Parole Directive April 4, 1997/2pp..

Terminally III Prisoners Rarely Freed Under Early Parole Laws. Sunny Kaplan, July 12,1999)/3pp.

Aging Prison Populations Drive Up State Costs. Jennifer Brown, Staff Assistant, Stateline, June 19,2002/2pp.

RAND Research Brief. Prisoner Reentry: What Are the Public Health Challenges? 2003/2pp.

Tab VI.  Prison-based Programs

Hospice And Palliative Care In Prison; Special Issues in Corrections U.S. Department of Justice,
National Institute of Corrections September 1998/8pp.Appendix 3pp.

New York Prison Creates Dementia Unit 30 bed facility opened at Fishkill, NY for inmates over age 50.
Michael Hill, Associated Press; The Boston Globe /June 3, 2007/2pp.

North Carolina Department of Corrections plans to build a $48 million medical care and mental health care
facility at the women's prison in Raleigh. $5 million approved by the General Assembly for design work
In the 2007-08 budget. Amanda Jones Hoyle, Triangle Business Journal December 3, 2007/2pp.

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Geriatric Program at the State Correctional Institution,
Somerset Township for inmates 50 years of age or older with minimum security clearance.
DOC Newsletter June 5, 2002/3pp.

Pocket Inserts - Right Side

Managing the Aging And Terminally III Inmate - DVD Video/ Transcript 17pages/ September 2001 -
U.S. Department of Justice/National Institute Of Corrections

Chris Schreiber. Behind Bars: Aging prison population challenges correctional health systems.
Nurse Week (July 19,1999) 3pp.

Christopher J. Mumoia. Medical Causes of Death in State Prisons, 2001-2004.
Washington, D.C.: Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2007.

Medical Problems of Inmates, 1997 Laura M. Maruschak and Allen Beck, Ph.D BJS Statisticians January 2001/12pp.

Helping Inmates Obtain Federal Disability Benefits NIJ/National Institute of Justice/ December 2007/23pp.

Aging Prisoners. Increasing Costs, and Geriatric Release -
Center On Sentencing And Corrections/Vera Institute of Justice/April 2010/13pp.

Pocket Inserts - Left Side

Inmate Characteristics: Most Serious Offense Distribution. On Line Availability via Rebecca P. Gowen
@ July 03, 2010/ 8pp.

Maryland DPSCS/Total Number of Inmates With Life Sentences Division Of Correction
(OBSCIS I, July 2009 Data, 6pp.)

Lifer Stats/July 21, 2009/5pp.

Iowa Prison Population Forecast, FY 2005 - 2015 Iowa Department of Human Rights Division of
Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning October, 2005/30pp.

The Health Status Of Soon-To-Be-Release Inmates: A Report to Congress/Volume 2/(Undated).
National Commission on Correctional Health Care/llpp. {Undated} Rev. 12/30/2010

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