Criminal Law & Practice

Section Council Appointment Procedure

The officers of the Criminal Law Section usually decide on the nomination of new members once a year at the conclusion of the yearly term. We attempt to maintain a balance of prosecutors, defense counsel, judges and law professors on the council. So the proposed member's professional experience is critical to the decision as is the professional orientation of the person creating the vacancy. We also look to geography, gender, race and ethnicity in making the decision. The full council votes on the slate of names placed in nomination.

Most of the time, proposals come from our active membership; however, section members are free to submit their names on their own initiative. We encourage those who have an interest in becoming a member to work on a Section Council project, such as the writing award or one of our educational programs. Officers are nominated by the executive committee and voted on by the full council. Consideration is given to the proposed officer's interest and level of participation.