Environmental Law

Section Council Appointment Procedure

The Environmental Law Section has followed the following process:

1) We have a nominating committee (comprised of section council members and appointed annually) that evaluates and nominates potential section council members.

2) We give notice that Section Members are invited to submit their names for consideration by the nomination committee. This is not always done in the same way, but last year we sent out an email to the membership and made announcements at Section events, notifying the membership that those interested in serving on the Section Council were invited to submit their names to any Section Council member.

3) In advance of the annual meetings, nominations for Section Council are circulated to the membership via mail. Consistent with the Section by-laws, by petition of any five (5) members of the Section additional nominations may be made and submitted to the nominating committee prior to or at the annual dinner. If no additional nominations are made, the slate of the nominating committee, or so much thereof as may be unopposed, shall stand elected. Contested elections would be conducted by ballot after the Annual Dinner.

4) Officers are also nominated by the nominating committee, chosen from the pool of council members based upon a process developed by the nominating committee. Typical factors have included their past service, and level of interest in and willingness to perform the functions of an officer.