Family & Juvenile Law Section “Top 10’s”

Top 10 Reasons Not to Take THIS Client’s Case
P. Lindsay Parvis, Esquire
Dragga, Hannon, Hessler & Wills, LLP

  1. Client refuses to pay for your consultation or their consultation check bounces.
  2. You will be the client’s 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. lawyer.
  3. The client’s trial is tomorrow (or next week, or 4 weeks away) or you have a conflict with the scheduled court dates (and you know your jurisdiction is not likely to continue the trial).
  4. The client argues with you about your advice.
  5. The client argues with you about the terms of your engagement agreement.
  6. The client argues with you about retainer and/or your hourly rate.
  7. The client makes demands that are not consistent with the rules of ethics/your office procedures (“Why won’t you e-mail me your attorney notes from our first meeting?”).
  8. The client owes their last attorney money with no resources to pay (and so how will you get paid?).
  9. The client’s agenda and your legal and ethical obligations and/or your moral compass do not mesh (i.e. your client wants you to bless their illegal activities;  your client behaves in ways you find reprehensible and would compromise your ability to represent the client).
  10. The client fails to show for multiple consults before finally making it to your office.
  11. Bonus Tip:

  12. Your gut tells you to RUN!