Family & Juvenile Law Section “Top 10’s”

Top Ten Things A New Practicioner Can Do To Improve His Or Her Knowledge Of Family Law
By: The Honorable Mary M. Kramer, Alisa G. Cummins, Esquire

  1. Read the relevant rules, statutes and cases.
  2. Consult a learned treatise (e.g., Fader on Maryland Family Law).
  3. Network with more experienced attorneys so you have someone with known competence to call with questions.
  4. Take CLE courses on family law topics to learn more.
  5. Engage co-counsel for the case, and serve pro bono while you learn from co-counsel how to handle the issue in the future.
  6. Decline a case where your skills and knowledge are insufficient to meet the client’s needs and, instead, refer the client to a more experienced practitioner.
  7. Apply for a mentor through the state or your local bar association.
  8. Consider posting on the listserv, but only after you have tried to answer the question yourself.
  9. Consult the rules of professional conduct (and considerations of civility) to assure that your words and actions are appropriate.
  10. Review form pleadings and other model forms.