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The Section of Taxation of the Maryland State Bar Association is pleased to sponsor a pro bono Mentor Program to assist newer, less experienced tax practitioners who are members of the Section of Taxation. Attorneys who have been admitted to practice for three years or less are eligible to participate in the Section’s mentoring program.  Experienced tax attorneys are encouraged to participate in the program by serving as mentors.

The purpose of the program is to provide a resource for attorneys who practice in the areas of state and federal income taxation to seek and receive advice, or to discuss one of more of the following areas of concern: (1) practical practice-related issues; (2) substantive areas of the law specific to taxation issues and related procedural issues; (3) appropriate and professional conduct and how to deal with inappropriate conduct; and (4) the importance and means of being involved in Bar and community activities and in developing a support network for the attorney’s practice.

Attorneys using the Section of Taxation’s Mentoring Program are not establishing an attorney/client relationship. Rather, the purpose is to provide counseling, guidance and a learning relationship. The less experienced attorney should not reveal any client confidences to the more experienced attorney, but rather seek guidance in general areas. The mentor will maintain all information conveyed to the attorney as private and confidential. The mentor will not provide legal advice as co-counsel to the less experienced attorney or his or her client as part of the Mentor/Mentee Program. The professional responsibility to the client is solely that of the attorney/mentee. The less experienced attorney shall not disclose the content of any discussions, suggestions or advice by the mentor to any persona under any circumstances, unless ordered by a Court of competent jurisdiction to do so.

The services provided by the mentor are voluntary and done by the mentor as part of a pro bono service provided by the Section of Taxation. The mentor/mentee relationship is for a period not to exceed two (2) years. Mentors and mentees are required to sign a Mentor Disclaimer form.

The Section of Taxation neither encourages nor discourages any further arrangements with or retention of the mentor by the attorney/mentee for other matters. If the attorney desires to associate with the mentor in the handling of any matter for any person, such agreement should be in writing and under no circumstances will the Section of Taxation be involved.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the current chair of the Member Services Committee, Section of Taxation.

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