Past Section Chairs

2012/2013 Elizabeth Sheree Morris
2011/2012 Erek L. Barron
2010/2011 Marla Zide
2009/2010 Jason C. Hessler
2008/2009 Michelle E. Stawinski
2007/2008 Michael W. Siri
2006/2007 Hughie D. Hunt
2005/2006 Ruth-Ann Bennett
2004/2005 Rachel S. Cohen
2003/2004 Suzanne M. Lewis
2002/2003 Michael A. Stover
2001/2002 Brian A. Zemil
2000/2001 David Charles Merkin
1999/2000 Rita Kaufman Grindle
1998/1999 Joseph J. Mezzanotte
1997/1998 Maureen L. Rowland
1996/1997 Bryan A. Bishop
1995/1996 Sharon Sirota Rubin
1994/1995 David Daneman
1993/1994 Randi F. Reichel
1992/1993 Brian P. Hochheimer
1991/1992 Tracey E. Skinner
1990/1991 Bryan D. Bolton
1989/1990 Katherine Kelly Howard
1988/1989 Malik Tuma
1987/1988 Martin Shuham
1986/1987 Pamela Bresnahan
1985/1986 Karen Murphy Jensen
1984/1985 Louise Michaux Gonzales
1983/1984 James Almand
1982/1983 Douglas Bregman
1981/1982 M. Natalie McSherry
1980/1981 Russell Karpook
1979/1980 C. Daniel Saunders
1978/1979 John Pleisse
1977/1978 Bruce Alan Kaufman
1976/1977 Robert Ostrom
1975/1976 John P. Corderman
1974/1975 Leonard R. Goldstein
1973/1974 Arthur M. Ahalt
1972/1973 Daniel O. C. Tracy, Jr.
1971/1972 J. Michael Williams
1970/1971 Lance W. Billingsley
1969/1970 J. Richard O’Connell
1968/1969 John McAuliffe


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  • One Bar | One Community Public Service Project schedules and organizes at least one monthly public service event to benefit residents of Maryland.
  • Ten Minute Mentor. An online collection of video presentations from young leading lawyers in their areas of expertise.
  • Wills for Heroes. The YLS is an affiliate of the Wills for Heroes Foundation and proudly organizes volunteers for Wills for Heroes events...
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