The Storybook Project

This is a project continued from the MSBA Leadership Academy fellows class of 2009-2010 who implemented the "Stories from My Father" public service at the Jessup Correctional Institution (JCI). 
The core of the project consists of YLS attorneys and volunteers entering JCI twice a month, armed with children’s books and digital audio recorders, and recording incarcerated fathers reading books to their children. We then mail each book, along with a CD of the father reading it, to each child. At the end of each year of the project we organized a day that children can come to JCI to meet in person with their fathers. 

The primary goals of the project are to lessen the harm that children suffer due to the incarceration of a parent by strengthening family bonds and engendering a love of reading.
Read more about this project in the April 2010 Bar Bulletin.

Would you like to participate? Download and fill out our Volunteer application.

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