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Advocacy News

“He or She” after HB 1397

June 14, 2024“He or she” phrase reflects the best of intentions, to include everyone, not just men, when legal opinions discuss the hypothetical person. The unintentional effect is to exclude those whose gender identity does not fit the “he or she” binary.

Rules Committee Seeks Comments by June 20th Regarding Potential Peremptory Challenge Expansion

June 12, 2024The Supreme Court of Maryland’s Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure has asked members of the Bar to share feedback regarding a possible expansion of peremptory challenges in Maryland.

A2J Dispatch – May 2024 Issue

May 28, 2024In this month’s issue of the A2JC Dispatch, we address A2JC’s shocking statistics, and highlight A2JC’s Partners for Justice Conference and Race Equity Toolkit.

Panel to Discuss Judicial Security Bill & Other Legislation at Senate Plenary

May 25, 2024A panel of Maryland senators will discuss the Judicial Security Bill and other measures passed during the 2024 session.

A2J Dispatch – April 2024 Issue

April 25, 2024In this month’s issue, we celebrate our successful advocacy efforts for HB693, resulting in $15M in additional civil legal aid funding and highlight several priority bills supported by the Public Interest Law Committee that passed.

MSBA's 2024 Legislative Wins

April 19, 2024MSBA’s 2024 Legislative Wins Include Increased Security, Defeating a Tax on Legal Services, and Securing Civil Legal Aid Funds

MCLE Update: Supreme Court of Maryland Holds Open Meeting, Approves Further Evaluation

March 28, 2024The Supreme Court of Maryland held an Open Meeting to discuss and vote on the threshold question of whether Maryland should continue as a non-mandatory CLE jurisdiction or proceed with exploring the adoption of mandatory CLE.

Calling Lawyers to the Legislature

March 21, 2024Maryland Delegate C.T. Wilson is passionate about urging fellow attorneys to step up and become part of the legislative process.

MSBA Highlights Its Legislative Priorities During MSBA Day

February 16, 2024MSBA prides itself on being the voice of the legal profession in Maryland and continuously works to protect the rights and interests of attorneys, judges, paralegals, law students, and the profession as a whole.

MSBA Advocacy Update: Juvenile Justice Legislation

January 29, 2024In the 2024 Legislative Session, both Republican and Democratic legislators have introduced several pieces of legislation related to juvenile justice and public safety. The bills follow passage of the 2022 Juvenile Justice Reform Act.

Advocacy Update: Maryland General Assembly Begins the 2024 Legislative Session

January 22, 2024The Maryland General Assembly session commenced on January 10, 2024, with a focus on juvenile justice, affordable housing, economic growth, the budget deficit, transportation, and more.

Advocacy at Work: MSBA’s Priorities for the 446th Session of the General Assembly

January 22, 2024MSBA will continue to prioritize advocacy that protects the legal profession, preserves the integrity of the judicial system, and ensures access to justice for Marylanders.

Former MSBA Delivery of Legal Services Section to Join A2JC’s Delivery of Legal Services Committee!

November 30, 2023A2JC is an independent entity that is powered by the MSBA. Since we commenced our institutional partnership with the MSBA, the A2JC has been increasing the profile of access to justice issues and delivering results.

MSBA MCLE Task Force Submits Feedback to Judiciary

November 13, 2023In November 2022, the Supreme Court of Maryland commissioned a work group to study whether to implement minimum continuing legal education (CLE) in Maryland and, if so, how CLE should be implemented.

MSBA Provides Comments to Judiciary Regarding Proposed Minimum CLE

October 20, 2023MSBA Past President Natalie McSherry provided comments on behalf of the MSBA, and President Elect Raphael J. Santini spoke on behalf of MSBA and Local and Specialty Bar Associations regarding proposed minimum CLE requirements.

2023 Legislative Session Update: Successful MSBA Efforts

October 20, 2023With less than two weeks left in the 2023 Legislative Session, legislators and advocates are hard at work moving through bills and voting sessions before Sine Die.

Attorneys Are Zealous Advocates and Devoted to Justice, Not Villains

October 6, 2023The commentary posted by the Baltimore Sun Editorial Board on October 2, 2023, with its wholesale vilifying of attorneys is reckless and irresponsible.  At a time when the Maryland State Bar Association, the Maryland Access to Justice Commission, . .

Laws Impacting the Legal Profession Going Into Effect on October 1

September 25, 2023The following MSBA-supported bills, which impact the legal profession, go into effect on October 1, 2023.

Maryland Judiciary Releases Report Recommending Adoption of Minimum CLE Requirement

September 14, 2023The Maryland Judiciary has released a report recommending that Maryland adopt a minimum continuing legal education requirement for Maryland barred attorneys (MCLE).

Making the Voice of the Legal Profession Heard: MSBA Day, Advocacy at Work


Active Judging in Eviction Court

May 19, 2023The fast-paced and high-volume nature of court proceedings can present several obstacles for litigants with civil legal issues that end up in court.

MSBA’s Advocacy at Work: New Laws in Maryland 2022

October 3, 2022This year, MSBA advocated in Annapolis on a broad spectrum of issues affecting the legal profession, including corporation law revisions, criminal justice, family law, estate document execution, and judicial transparency.