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May 31, 2024 - by MSBA Staff

From the Boardroom: May 2024

MSBA Board of Governors Elects American Bar Association Delegates

At its May 2–3, 2024, Board Retreat, the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) Board of Governors (BoG) voted to fill its allotted delegate seats for the American Bar Association (ABA). MSBA has six at-large delegates, one young lawyer delegate, and one ABA State Delegate in its delegation. The ABA delegation attends and represents Maryland at ABA Annual and Mid-Year Meetings.

The BoG was charged with filling four vacancies for the 2024–26 bar year. As is tradition, one vacancy was dedicated to the MSBA incoming president-elect. The BoG voted to elect incoming President-Elect Marisa Trasatti to fill this vacancy.

The Board then voted to fill the three at-large vacancies. Hon. Sidney Butcher (Anne Arundel County), Anne Coventry (Montgomery County) and Hon. Mark Scurti (Baltimore City) were elected to fill these vacancies.

2024–26 Delegates will begin their service with the February 2025 ABA Mid-year Meeting

Hon. Andrew F. Wilkinson Named 2024 Sodaro Judicial Civility Award Recipient

President Jason DeLoach announced that the Honorable Andrew F. Wilkinson, Associate Judge, Washington County Circuit Court, will posthumously receive the Honorable Anselm Sodaro Judicial Civility Award. 

The Honorable Anselm Sodaro Judicial Civility Award is presented annually to a sitting judge of the District, Circuit or Appellate Courts of Maryland who demonstrates exceptional judicial temperament, civility, and courtesy to attorneys, litigants, and others. Judge Wilkinson was killed at his home by an aggrieved litigant in October 2023.

Board of Governors Recommends Members for Terms on Maryland Legal Aid Board

The terms of three current Legal Aid Board members expire June 30, 2024. To fill these seats, the BoG voted to approve the reappointment of Manuel Geraldo and Lauren Lacey, and the appointment of Ranak Jasani.

Lawyer Assistance Program Funding Request Approved

In response to rising healthcare costs and the increased use of MSBA’s Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP), LAP sought an increased distribution of $35,000, up from $25,000. This request was approved.

LAP requested an additional distribution of $20,000 to pilot a program of  working with a small non-profit legal service provider that is dealing in areas where secondary trauma is common. These types of smaller organizations are generally not financially able to provide their employees access to an EAP or other mental healthcare access. This request was approved. LAP will report back to the BoG in May 2025 to determine whether the pilot should continue.