How to Deliver Bad News to Clients in a Way That Deepens (rather than damages) the Relationship

How to Deliver Bad News to Clients in a Way That Deepens (ra

Every attorney dreads having to give bad news to clients, and many lawyers feel challenged by the prospect of giving an unpleasant report. From declining an unwanted case, to letting a client know they lost a case, and everything that transpires in between, it is critical to be a good communicator. Failure to interact with a client in an effective and productive fashion, especially around a negative situation, may cause irreversible harm to the trust and confidence that are necessary to the success of any attorney/client relationship.

We will provide concrete, step-by-step guidance to help attorneys to develop the skills required for making the most out of every communication with each client. These relational skills are essential for effecting productive outcomes when having difficult interactions with clients.

Presented by Jill Rabineau Eisner and Karen Wilson of Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County

This presentation is FREE for MSBA Members as part of the Virtual Learning Pass membership benefit! 

One hour of CLE credit will be offered to the surrounding MCLE states of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Delaware.


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