Appellate Practice for the Maryland Lawyer: State and Federal, 6th Ed. (Hardcopy)

Appellate Practice for the MD Lawyer: State & Federal

Appellate Practice for the MD Lawyer: State & Federal
Appellate Practice for the Maryland Lawyer: State and Federal, the authoritative reference for attorneys handling appeals in Maryland and federal courts, is tailored for expert practitioners who handle appeals regularly and attorneys who handle appeals infrequently. The text includes a treasure trove of advice on fundamental procedures, esoteric techniques, and practical strategies, of use to lawyers representing clients on appeal and lawyers representing clients at the trial level who want to maximize their chances of prevailing on an eventual appeal. Both the novice appellate advocate and the seasoned veteran will benefit from the breadth and depth of this seminal work.

The late Robert C. Murphy, long-time Chief Judge of Court of Appeals of Maryland, described the First Edition as “a monumental work by lawyers and judges” who have produced “a ‘how to do it’ tool for all involved in appellate proceedings.” Editors and authors Paul Mark Sandler, Andrew D. Levy and Steven M. Klepper have once again persuaded the state’s foremost experts to contribute their wisdom to this NEW Sixth Edition. Chief Justice Matthew J. Fader provides insight into effective practice before the Maryland Supreme Court.  Chief Judge E. Gregory Wells discusses the Appellate Court of Maryland and provides tips on writing persuasive appellate briefs.  Former Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory and Chief Judge Albert Diaz explain the inner workings of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Clerks of the appellate courts explain the nuts and bolts of procedure inside their offices. Court mediators outline procedures for using mediation to resolve cases.  Throughout the many chapters, the editors and other experienced members of the bar provide invaluable information about techniques of appellate advocacy.

Appellate practice is neither the best known nor the easiest to understand area of legal practice; it has been called "special, even arcane," by late Chief Judge Robert C. Murphy, and often contains harsh sanctions for procedural violations. This book is designed to guide the practitioner through the appellate process: navigating the state and federal rules of procedure; protecting issues for review and perfecting the appeal; handling special challenges related to standards of review, criminal appeals, and appeals from administrative agencies; petitioning for writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court of Maryland and in the U.S. Supreme Court; and preparing the appellate brief, record extract (or joint appendix), and for oral argument.  Valuable samples of key documents are included---a Petition for Certiorari to the Court of Appeals, Appellant’s and Appellee’s Briefs in the Fourth Circuit, Petitioner’s and Respondent’s Briefs in the Court of Appeals, and Appellant’s and Appellee’s Briefs in the Appellate Court of Maryland---strong examples of effective appellate advocacy.

Since its first publication in 1977, each edition of Appellate Practice for the Maryland Lawyer has kept pace with changes in the substance and style of appellate practice. The Sixth Edition reflects developments in Maryland and federal appellate practice since the release of the Fifth Edition in 2018 via legislation, court rules, and case law, current as of summer 2023.

Editors: Paul Mark Sandler, Andrew D. Levy & Steven M. Klepper

Authors: Hon. Kevin F. Arthur, Hon. Jonathan Biran, Hon. Brynja M. Booth, Francis Burch, Sarah C. Carr, Megan E. Coleman, John J. Connolly, Patricia S. Connor, Hon. Andre M. Davis, Marc A. DeSimone, Hon. Albert Diaz, Rachel Dombrowski, Joseph Dudek, Gardner M. Duvall, Hon. Angela M. Eaves, Hon. Matthew J. Fader, Diane E. Feuerherd, M. Albert Figinski, Hon. Steven B. Gould, Hon. Roger L. Gregory, Hon. Paul W. Grimm, Peter H. Gunst, Gregory Hilton, Tia L. Holmes, Daniel J. Jawor, Harry S. Johnson, Rachel Marblestone Kamins, Hon. Andrea M. Leahy, Hon. Robert B. Levin, George Liebmann, Sean Luhks, Louis P. Malick, Anthony J. May, Dana W. McKee, Patrick D. McKevitt, Samantha A. Miller, Hon. Diana Gribbon Motz, William J. Murphy, Hon. Douglas R. M. Nazarian, Michael P. Redmond, Edward G. Smith, Derek M. Stikeleather, Annamaria M. Walsh, Hon. E. Gregory Wells, Hon. Patrick L. Woodward

FORMAT: Hardcopy
Pub. Date:
Pages: 764

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