Civil Pre-Trial Practice, 2019 Ed. (Hardcopy with downloadable forms)

Civil Pre-Trial Practice, 2019 Ed. (Hardcopy with forms)

Civil Pre-Trial Practice, 2019 Ed. (Hardcopy with forms)
This is an essential reference to civil practice beginning with the initial contact with a potential client up to trial. The author provides the nuts and bolts for handling a lawsuit, including legal research, service of process, discovery, settlement negotiations, pre-trial motions and trial preparation. The book references the particular procedures governing cases in the Circuit Court of Maryland and points out certain distinctions in procedures in the District Court of Maryland and the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. It has been written in an easy-to-follow manner, an aid for relatively new civil litigators. It provides tips and checklists to help all litigators. Tactics and strategies for pre-trial practice are presented in a well-organized, direct manner with forms every practitioner can use. The 2019 edition updates the 2011 edition, with discussion and references to changes to rules governing such topics as discovery, mediation and settlement conferences and electronic filings, and includes new practice tips and updated case law, statutes and rules. The book includes downloadable forms for ready use by the practitioner as well as a table of authorities and table of cases.


Chapter 1: Taking the Case
Chapter 2: Organizing the Case File
Chapter 3: Legal Research
Chapter 4: Investigation
Chapter 5: Case Strategy
Chapter 6: Initial Pleading and Service of Process
Chapter 7: Discovery
Chapter 8: Case Evaluation
Chapter 9: Settlement Negotiations
Chapter 10: Pre-Trial Motions
Chapter 11: Trial Preparation

The book also includes these forms for ready use and adaptation by the practitioner

Form 1: Authorization to Release Medical Records, Information, and Bills
Form 2: Initial Client Interview Form
Form 3: Retainer Agreement (3A&3B)
Form 4: Sample Retainer Letter
Form 5: Sample Litigation Hold Letter
Form 6: Witness Interview Form (For Lawyer to Complete for Each Witness)
Form 7: Witness Statement/Affidavit
Form 8: Answer
Form 9: Interrogatories
Form 10: Notice of Deposition
Form 11: Notice of Deposition Duces Tecum
Form 12: Request for Production of Documents
Form 13: [Plaintiffs] Request for Jury Instruction No. 1
Form 14: [Plaintiffs] Requests for Voir Dire Questions

Neil J. Dilloff, Esquire

Format: Hardcopy
Pub date: 2019
Pages: xiv, 182

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