New Maryland Parenting Plan Training

New Maryland Parenting Plan Training

The Evolution, Content and Value of Parent Plans

Presented by the MSBA Family and Juvenile Law and ADR Sections in partnership with the National Family Resiliency Center (NFRC) and a panel of judicial officers, mediators and attorneys, this program will focus on the new Rule 9-204 which requires parties to discuss "parenting time" and "legal decision-making authority" prior to mediation and prior to trial. Should the parties not reach complete agreement on their custody issues, they must then file a "Joint Statement" (similar to Rule 9-207 joint property statement) which informs the court about areas on which the parties agree and also the areas which must be decided by the Court. Can this PROCESS, as well as the PRODUCT, improve the final outcome by better focusing on the needs of the children?

The material will be presented by lecture and video presentations by professionals and parents who have successfully prepared parenting plans, and who explain that developing their own parenting plans taught them how to solve problems now, and how to communicate and "self-resolve" future disputes. 

The program will include presentations concerning:

  • The judicial recognition of the need for, and benefit of, parenting plans
  • The recommendations of the Legislative Commission on Child Custody Decision-Making
  • NFRC's Model of Child-Focused Parent Plans
  • The importance of child-development awareness in negotiating parenting plans
  • The components of a comprehensive child-focused plan
  • How parents and professionals can use child development concepts and the parenting plan discussions to resolve conflict
  • How "partial agreements" can assist lawyers in presenting their cases to the court and assist the Judges in narrowing their focus to resolve "contested" issues. 


Risa Garon -Executive Director of NFRC and therapist
Keith Schiszik, Esq. 
Pamela Blackwell-Parent Education Coordinator, NFRC


Chris Nicholson, Esq. – Best Interest Attorney   
Keith Schiszik, Esq. – Parent Attorney
Jolie Weinberg, Esq.  –  Mediator
Kathryn Huff, Esq.  –  Mediator
Magistrate Elizabeth Case – Howard County 
Lisa Mohink – Deputy Court Administrator, Circuit Court of Howard County
Judge Fred Hecker – Carroll County Circuit Court 

2.5 hours of CLE credit will be offered by the surrounding MCLE states.

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