What I Wished I Learned in Law School

What I Wished I Learned in Law School

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Start Your Practice: What I Wished I Learned in Law School 

Speaker: Claude Ducloux, Esq., LawPay

A discussion of the Ethics Rules:

  • Including MD Rule 19-301.5;
  • Additional information on the use of Privacy Policies as required by Fed. law;
  • The effective use of file destruction policies, subject to the ethical duty to review client materials and safely dispose, destroy or shred appropriately retired files;
  • Conflicts of Interest between clients, including ABA Ethics Opinions, MD Rules 19-301.7
  • Appropriate and inappropriate ways of referring cases;  MD Rule 301.5. Interviewing skills to correctly document the attorney relationship and avoid conflicts;
  • Appropriate and inappropriate use of a lawyer trust account; MD Rule19-301.9
  • The appropriate rules for obtaining knowing waivers of conflicts; MD Rule 19.3018
  • Duties to former Clients, MD Rule 19-301.9

1.0 hour of ethics are offered to the surrounding MCLE states.

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