Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures

Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures

Faculty are led by attorneys Ronald Deutsch, and Jeffrey Nadel who are also the editors of the venerable book by the same name that is being reprised by the MSBA for the first time in 17 years. The program accompanies the rollout of this newest edition of Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures. The program and book cover the most recent developments in foreclosure practice including legislation, court rules, and case law, current as of the beginning of 2021.

Gordon on Maryland Foreclosures, Fifth Edition, is "the book" on Maryland Foreclosures. Originally written by the late Alexander Gordon IV, this is the first all new edition of this essential treatise since 2004.

**The publication will serve as the primary written materials for this program 

4.0  hours of credit will be offered for the surrounding MCLE states. **Please note the publication must be purchased to receive CLE hours from Virginia.**

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