Using Dispute Resolution Boards to Prevent and Resolve Disputes on Projects while Achieving Win/Win Solutions for Risk Management

Using Dispute Resolution Boards to Prevent and Resolve Dispu

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Disputes and claims have been a part of construction projects for many years and oftentimes drag out well after the completion of the project,tying up valuable resources and adding costs. Actively managing the dispute or claim or, even better yet, helping avoid the claim or dispute entirely, saves time and money for all the parties involved.

This workshop discusses the concept of Dispute Resolution Boards/Dispute Review Boards (DRBs) and how they have been used for many years on all types of construction projects to help contracting parties attain better project delivery. A Dispute Board (DB) is a board of impartial professionals formed at the beginning of the project to follow construction progress, encourage dispute avoidance, and assist in the resolution of disputes for the duration of the project.

By having a DRB start at the beginning of a project, the DRB can often help involved parties avoid a dispute by being proactive with the parties in getting issues settled and avoiding a dispute altogether. The conversation will provide an overview of the DRB process and how it can help achieve the maximum benefits of dispute avoidance as well as timely resolution.

Presented by DeAndra Roache, Esq. of Cynergis Dispute Resolution Services and Elizabeth A. Tippin, Esq., President, Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, North America

One hour of CLE credit will be offered to the surrounding MCLE states.

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