Basics of Maryland Estate Planning Series

Basics of Maryland Estate Planning Series


The Basics of Maryland Estate Planning Series is a comprehensive course presenting the fundamental and practical concepts of estate planning, and taught by some of Maryland’s most respected practitioners. Topics to be covered: an overview of the planning process; tax structure and considerations; the use of trusts in estate planning; planning approaches to will and trust drafting; gift planning and business valuation; and tax planning for retirement benefits. The basic-to-intermediate level course is designed for attorneys who concentrate in, or wish to begin practicing in, the area of Estate and Trust law. This series is also essential for accountants, financial planners, and paralegals who assist in the area of Estate and Trust law.

Planning Process and Portability
Tax Aspects Framework
Relationship to Client
Sensitivity to Conflict
Power of Attorney
Medical Powers of Attorney
Living Wills

Todd Bornstein, Esq.

Federal Estate and Gift Tax
Minority Interest Discounts
Marital Deduction QDOTs
Transfer Problem
Circular 230

Matthew A. Mace, Esq.

Tax Planning for Retirement Benefits
Marc R. Feinberg, Esq.

The Use of Trusts in Estate Planning and Related Considerations
Inter Vivos
Life Insurance and the Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT)
Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax: A Primer

Aimee Griffin Joyner, Esq.

Planning Approaches to Will and Trust Drafting
State Estate Tax
Tax Clauses
Selection of Fiduciaries
Role of Personal Representative
Powers of Appointment
Tangible Personal Property
Income Tax Considerations
Split -Interest Trusts

Jennifer Yeagle, Esq.

Gift Planning and Business Valuation
Advantages of Lifetime Giving
Annual Exclusion Gifts and Qualified Transfers
529 Plans
Use of Trusts in Gifting
Charitable Trusts Planning
Basis Considerations and Other Tax Issues
Business Transfer and Valuation

Lisa A. Stern, Esq.

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