Ethical Digital Marketing and Embracing an Inclusive Mission

Ethical Digital Marketing and Embracing an Inclusive Mission

Practicing law in a digital world can be a challenge. Lawyers need to be aware of the ever-evolving ethics rules regarding technological competence, confidentiality, and online advertising. It is important to understand the rules and also to ensure that your firm is portraying an image and message that resonates with clients. Now more than ever, clients seek to work with firms that embrace inclusivity, diversity and a positive message.

Join speakers Erin McCartney, Esq. and Sally Field, Esq. to discuss how to ethically practice in a digital world with a focus on how adopting inclusion and diversity in the firm's messaging and mission can lead to the growth and longevity of your firm.

This program will cover the following topics:

Statistics of Law Firm Presence on Social Media
Practicing Law in a Digital World
Ethical Digital Marketing (including applicable professional conduct rules)
Recognizing the Value of Inclusion and Diversity in Messaging, Policy and Practices and more!

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