Using & Drafting Trusts in Estate Planning, 2023 Rev. Ed. (Electronic publication & downloadable forms)

Using & Drafting Trusts in Estate Planning 2023 Epub & forms

Using & Drafting Trusts in Estate Planning 2023 Epub & forms

Editor: John P. Edgar, Esq.
Contributors: Kathleen Adcock, Esq., Todd Bornstein, Esq., Michelle Chapin, Esq., John P. Edgar, Esq., Kristin Hall, Esq., Mary E. O`Byrne, Esq.,  and Laura Thomas, Esq.

Much of this book focuses on specific trusts, what they are used for, how they fit into an estate plan, and the specific conditions governing each. The authors, experienced estate planning practitioners, have updated the book to include all of the relevant updated case law, IRS rulings, statutes, and regulations. The book addresses the impact of several important statutory changes that have taken place since the last update, including changes to Maryland’s spousal elective share (effective October 1, 2020) and the The Setting Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019 (SECURE Act).

The 2023 Edition significantly revises Using & Drafting Trusts in Estate Planning including: Chapter 1, Selected State Law Issues—new discussion of trustee relief from liability; Chapter 4, Generation-Skipping Trusts—new discussion on the Tax Act of 2017 (increase in GST exemption and allocation amount); Chapter 5, Planning for People with Disabilities—new discussion on the impact of changes to Maryland's spousal elective share on testamentary trusts;  Chapter 7, Charitable Split Interest Trusts—expanded discussion on planning considerations for charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts; Chapter 10, GRITS, QPRTS, and GRATS—new section on the Valuation of Assets Transferred into GRAT; Chapter 11, Trust as Beneficiary of Retirement Account Benefits—discussion of the impact of the SECURE Act on required minimum distribution rules, designated beneficiaries, and non-designated beneficiaries; and more.

The book also includes updated clauses, rate tables, and tables of cases and authorities.

Chapter 1: Selected State Law Issues
Chapter 2: Revocable Living Trusts
Chapter 3: Marital Deduction
Chapter 4: Generation-Skipping Trusts
Chapter 5: Planning for People with Disabilities
Chapter 6: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
Chapter 7: Charitable Split Interest Trusts
Chapter 8: GRITS, QPRTs, and GRATS
Chapter 9: Trusts Qualified To Hold S Corporation Stock
Chapter 10: Bypass or Credit Shelter Trusts
Chapter 11: Trusts as Beneficiary of Retirement Account Benefits
Table of Authorities
Table of Cases

Format: Softcover
Pub. Date: 2023
Pages: 345

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