Homeschooling and Family Law 101

Homeschooling and Family Law 101

How do you evaluate whether homeschooling is being done well or poorly when you are tasked with determining the best interests of a homeschooled child? What about when parents seek representation regarding homeschooling—either because they wish to homeschool their child or because the child's other parent is homeschooling against your client's wishes? Learn more about this rapidly expanding educational option with help from the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, an organization that advocates for homeschooled children and is run by homeschool alumni. Attorney and CRHE board member Carmen Longoria-Green will summarize Maryland's homeschooling laws, walk you through the various types of homeschooling you may encounter, and provide you with the critical questions to ask when evaluating a homeschooling case.

Presented by Carmen Longoria-Green, Coalition for Responsible Home Education

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