Bankruptcy Exemptions - Whose Stuff Is This Anyway?

Bankruptcy Exemptions Whose Stuff Is This Anyway?

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The filing of a bankruptcy case creates an estate which essentially comprises all legal and equitable interest in assets owned in full or in part by the person who files the bankruptcy case. If it were not for exemptions, all of these assets would be subject to claims of creditors in the bankruptcy case. But exemptions are available to individual debtors in bankruptcy to change this result. The result of exemptions determines what assets a debtor keeps.  And what assets cannot be kept. This program will describe the exemptions available under state and federal law to an individual debtor in a bankruptcy case filed in Maryland, described through the process of pre-bankruptcy exemption planning.  If you need to understand the way bankruptcy works, this is a program not to be missed.

Presented by Bud Stephen Tayman, Bud Stephen Tayman, P.A.

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