M&A Transactions in the Government Contracting Industry: Overview and Practice Tips

M&A Transactions in the Government Contracting Industry

Buying or selling a company doing business with the federal government comes with unique issues not common in traditional M&A transactions. In this session, learn the ins and outs of M&A deals in the government contracting space, important legal considerations, as well as how to avoid, mitigate, and allocate the risks associated with these transactions.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Common M&A structures and their impact on government contracting assets, registrations, and qualifications.
  2. Novation of federal prime contracts under the Federal Acquisition Regulation.
  3. U.S. Small Business Administration set-aside programs in the M&A context.
  4. Protection of government data and IP rights.
  5. Concerns related to security clearances, export controls, and FOCI.

 Presented by Kathryn Hickey, PilieroMazza PLLC

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